Introducing The Physique Formula

  • Chapter One: How Lies Spread. In this chapter I’ll go deeper into the nonsense that is “calories in vs calories out” and detail why it’s not what you put into your mouth that matters but what gets into your cells that counts. You’ll learn how to avoid being obsessed with the scale and why any diet that tells you to eliminate any one food group is for amateurs.
  • Chapter Two: Hormone Manipulation. Chapter two begins where chapter one leads off, illustrating how vital your hormones are for fat loss and how you can safely and efficiently manipulate these hormones in your FAVOR to lose stubborn fat and get that lean, chiseled look you’ve been after
  • Chapter Three: Food Deception. In this chapter you’ll learn why choosing organic foods ISN’T always better for your health and body.You’ll learn the difference between the terms “grass fed” “free range, “organic” “all natural” and what they really mean for your health. You’ll save at least $50 per month after reading this chapter.
  • Chapter Four: Stealth Fat Storage: Chapter four is eye opening because it details the #1 toxic ingredient that you’re consuming at least 5 times per day. Without you knowing it, this leads to chronic allergies, immune system suppression so you continually get sick, joint pain and insulin resistance. Have trouble getting your lower abs leans? Chapter four will solve that for you.
  • Chapter Five:The PF Meal Plan. Chapter five looks at various different meal plan options and there effects on your metabolism. Can you get lean eating one meal per day or sould you eat 6 meals every 2 hours? The TRUTH will shock you
  • Chapter Six:How To Reverse “Permanent” Joint Pain. Chapter six was my favorite to write because I completely lay the smackdown on anyone that thinks their age determines their joint pain. AGE DOESN’T matter. Follow chapter six to GET RID OF JOINT PAIN.
  • Chapter Seven: Nutrient Deficiencies. In this chapter I address the most common nutrient deficiencies that lead to increased stress and fat gain. Simply correcting 4 of these deficiencies can have a huge impact on your fat loss.
  • Chapter Eight: Got The Guts. Chapter 8 is all about healing your gut. You can eat as much protein and take as many supplements as you want but if you aren’t fixing your gut issues, you’ll absorb virtually NONE of those supplements resulting in even LESS gains.
  • Chapter Nine :Supercharge Your Growth Hormone: In this chapter I lay out, step-by-step, the ultimate plan for super charging your growth hormone level for lean, defined muscle quickly.
  • Chapter Ten: The Physique Formula Diet. This is the “nuts and bolts” I go over everything that you’ll ever need to know when it comes to fat loss nutrition. This is equal to getting a masters degree in getting lean, ripped and hard.



FREE Bonuses

The Physique Formula Genetic Manipulation Audio

Bonus #1: An entire field, known as epigenetics, exists on a NASA type level to examine how we can manipulate and change our genetics from meal to meal and day to day. These POWERFUL facts, which aren’t heavily reported in today’s fitness literature, have a profound impact on how how we can change and manipulate our body to achieve the look we want WHILE improving our health and reducing the risk of getting various diseases like cancer.

The Physique Formula Quickstart Checklist

Bonus #2: Alright, so you’re ready to begin and you want to make sure you have everything lined up for success.Not a problem, I’m proving you with a quickstart checklist to GUARANTEE that it’s smooth sailing for you from here on out.

The Physique Formula Success Notebook

Bonus #3: I “spill the beans” in this success notebook and hand you every little tweak, change and detail that I personally make with my clients in my offices. Considering that my services start at $125 per hour, this bonus is high valuable. Long gone are the days of wondering what to do next, this notebook is like a complete other diet program in itself. Want to lose a little more lower ab fat? How about tightening up your love handles? This book deals with all of it.

The Physique Formula Supplement Blueprint

Bonus #4: In this manual I outline my most effective supplement protocols to accelerate your results. Supplements aren’t “required” for this program but the right plan can and WILL make a HUGE difference in your physique and this guide ensures that you have the most customized recommendations directly from me.


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